Draw This in Your Style: Procreate Edition

Some drawings I did for various artists' "draw this in your style" things on Instagram. Click on each one to see the original!



Some more Procreate doodlin’s. The Hulk one was the second thing I did, and I also remember drawing it in the car while I waited for my wife to come out of a hospital appointment.


Catch Up

We’ve had this iPad Pro for just over a year now, which means I’ve been mucking about with Procreate for just over a year. And yet I haven’t posted any of my various scrawlings here! So it’s time to catch up. Here is the very first thing I drew in Procreate >:)


It's That Time Again

I have decided, once again, to try and rejig my website a bit (or, more likely, trash most of it and start again). And also pretend Like I'm going to update my blog regularly again. 

Oh, and remember: black lives matter.
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Draw This in Their Styles

These are all from that "draw this in your style" hashtag on Instagram. Click on each one the original drawing!


Merry Shaxxmas

For Christmas last year I made this festive design of Destiny's answer to Tyler Durden, Crucible Maniac Lord Shaxx. I even got a T-shirt printed with it on XD

If you're interested you can buy a T-shirt (or mug, sticker, clock, notebook....) here

90 Years of Mouse

I did this for Mickey Mouse 90th birthday last year (which I only knew about because my wife works at Disney, lol). Done in ClipStudio Paint I believe.


Stuff What Ain't Been Here Before

I guess I've done a lot of stuff since I tried posting here on the regular. Time to chuck it up here?

Here's a little tribute I made to Stan Lee right after he passed away. Rest in peace, true believer!


Blogs Are Dead?

I was just looking at the sidebar of my other blog, where there are a load of links to the blogs of friends and the like. Of the ones that still exist, most of them haven't seen a post since about 2010. Hell, my last post here was two years ago! I guess it's just easier to shove everything on Instagram now, and have it auto-post to Twitter. Well that's what I do anyway. I did make a nice looking Tumblr to post all my art on, but since Tumblr has gone rubbish, I haven't really bothered with that either. Maybe I will take up the blogging again. At least no one's going to be retweeting my pointless post or trashing me in the comments (seeing as literally no one is reading this). However, this will be the last rambling shitpost I make here - from here on out it's just Teh Arts. My logorrhea will be restricted to my original blog.

Hwyl fawr!


Not defunct, exactly

I said I was going to fix those buttons didn't I? That was nearly three months ago now. I just don't have time to update this thing any more! I need to find a way to automate this stuff.

In the mean time, here's some places you can see my new stuff:



Need to update those buttons

Those ones, over there on the right. They used to match my header but they clearly don't any more. Will have to make new ones soon.

Caricatures 3

Dwayne Johnson/The Rock,Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ron Swanson, and Antoine Griezmann.
I don't know who Antoine is, other than a footballer; I just saw a goofy picture of him and thought I'd try drawing it. That's what started me off trying to do these caricatures.

Caricatures 2

Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Theresa May and er.... Hugh Dennis

Caricatures 1

I've been doing a lot of caricatures and stuff lately, but completely forgetting to post anything on this blog.  So, here are some drawings of the (newest) Doctor Whos what I done.


Mermay Medusa

In may everyone on Instagram was doing this 'mermay' thing, where they'd post a mermaid drawing every day of the month.
Well, here is my one mermaid drawing that I did in the entire month!


Here I wanted to practice drawing on Kei's Surface pro 3. I did the sketch and the inks on it, but by that point I was getting a bit fed up of how hot it was getting so I moved on to the Cintiq to colour it.
And as much as I love Destinty, this is oddly the first piece of fanart for it that I've ever completed.