Weekly Character Design 3


And the ball keeps on rolling!  Quite tough shapes this week.  Also decided to draw in Photoshop rather than Flash, just for a change.


Anonymous said...

great drawings, they are weird shapes lol i wouldnt have a clue lol


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LAWay said...

I would say 3 or 4. The others I think we already have an idea of what those characters will look like.
I would want to know more about 4 and see what type of character they are, or how you tackle number 3 and continue the style throughout.

Anyway, continue.

Ash Collins said...

leigh, i am NOT doing bone man. everyone keeps saying that one! too much hassle dude. im leaning toward number 2 (for number 4, basically imagine Allyns body lol)

Allyn said...

i'm glad i still inspire you after all these years! but please, don't give him a massive adam's apple, no cartoon character deserves that kind of punishment! i like the gorilla =D