Santa Clown


This is the cover I created for an ebook by A.M Sardar (author of Colin Thorson: Teenage Superhero); I also created a number of character illustrations to accompany the text, which I will post at a later date.

You can buy the book from Amazon, and eventually will be available on iTunes. To see more books by A.M. Sardar, click here.

In the meantime, here is the synopsis:

“A festive tale of the forgotten Santa

Once there were two boys, Kris and Karl Kringle, who belonged to the ancient family of Santas; but only one could be Santa.
The Santa Clown delivered his gifts with a joke and a laugh until one Christmas Eve he disappeared into the night and was replaced by his brother Santa Claus. Santa Clown was forgotten, lost in the mists of old Christmas's.

Now there is trouble in Santa's Workshop! Saboteurs are wrecking the production lines and demanding the return of the Forgotten One; "Shoot Santa Claus down, Bring back the Santa Clown".
Mr Drole, the long suffering Head Troll, is trying desperately to meet the Christmas Eve deadline whilst hunting the trouble-makers and sorting out his messed up love life; can the gifts be delivered as usual or is this the Christmas when it all falls part? Whatever happens, Christmas will never be the same again.

A searing Christian-Marxist fantasy analyzing rampant Christmas commercialism, a critique of unsustainable models of growth and delivery and a warning against intra-species relations or just a very silly story about Elves?
The Greatest Gift is a Child's Smile.”

NB. If anyone is interested, this whole thing was created in Flash CS6

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