Daily Drawing, 1-7 February

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   A few years ago I created a blog, on which I intended to upload a year’s worth of daily sketches, as I drew them.  I failed. 

   Later, I created the SketchRiot blog, with the intention of just doing daily drawings, with no set target amount.  This time I made it a whole 365 days, and then stopped; mainly because it took a whole extra year to finish scanning and uploading them (I fell behind somewhat).

   Now, I’ve decided to do daily drawings again - just for a month this time - only it turns out that many other people have also decided to do daily drawings in February.  And when I say drawings, I mean like full blown illustrations... which rather put my sketchy efforts to shame!  Which is why I’m throwing some colour at the damn things now.

  So here’s the first week’s worth, all based on suggestions from people on deviantART and whatnot, which I will be uploading daily (where possible) on SketchRiot.  Suggestions for drawing ideas welcome!

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