Animation: Progress


Ok so way back in the mists of time I was at university studying animation, and my third year film never got further than a collection of pencil tests and animatic shots.

So, for the lack of anything better to animate (and to stop myself getting too rusty), I thought it would be super neato to take said pencil tests and clean up and colourify them using Flash, and thus complete my film.

Simple plan: bring every scene, as an .avi, into Flash and just clean up on top of it. Except that a bunch of these scenes have apparently gotten lost. And some of them were so bad I had to do them again.

Ah well. I’m plugging ahead anyway, using my “stylistic choice” of rough, scratchy cleanup and sticking textures on Every Goddamn Thing. I’ve finished like 11 scenes so far, and even uploaded a few of them to The Internet. Which you can see here. If you’d like. Just there, below this text.


Random scenes


Terry Cooper said...

Really good, mang. this needs ot be finished! (and possibly picked up as a 200 episode webseries.)

Terry Cooper said...

And by 'ot' I mean 'to'...

AIM said...

Scratchy cleanups! love it!

Ash Collins said...

Assuming you guys can see follow up comments... thanks very much!