2013 Art Summary


A DeviantART summary of last year, just like the 2011 one!
A couple of things to mention here:
Yes, a lot of things I did last year were Design-a-Character challenges;
I also had ZERO deviations submitted to DeviantART in July and December (busy months?) so I used an Instagram photo of a batman drawing I did that month, and a screen grab of the Rocket Rooster game I did the artwork for shortly after starting at eChalk (you can see the game here but can only play a preview version without subscribing)
I would link to the original deviation that had the template for this meme, but it seems to have been taken down. i just had to rummage in my old PSDs to fine the 2011 one XD
One the whole, I think I did a little better than 2012, art wise. But just a little.

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