Blogs Are Dead?

I was just looking at the sidebar of my other blog, where there are a load of links to the blogs of friends and the like. Of the ones that still exist, most of them haven't seen a post since about 2010. Hell, my last post here was two years ago! I guess it's just easier to shove everything on Instagram now, and have it auto-post to Twitter. Well that's what I do anyway. I did make a nice looking Tumblr to post all my art on, but since Tumblr has gone rubbish, I haven't really bothered with that either. Maybe I will take up the blogging again. At least no one's going to be retweeting my pointless post or trashing me in the comments (seeing as literally no one is reading this). However, this will be the last rambling shitpost I make here - from here on out it's just Teh Arts. My logorrhea will be restricted to my original blog.

Hwyl fawr!