Criw Celf Workshop 1

 Last week I assisted on two free workshops for kids, in Merthyr, run by Criw Celf.

The first one, led by Amanda Turner, was a two day oil painting workshop for kids around 14-19.

We didn't know how it was going to go, as this was the first one we'd done, but overall I think it was a success - even though the children were so shy they barely said a word! They did however turn out some great paintings, with Amanda showing them on the first day how to create a black & white underpainting focusing on values (with acrylic paint, as she realised that oils would still be wet on the second day!), and on the second day showing them how to mix colours using just five pigments (with water mixable oils, so no solvents!) and then finishing off their masterpieces.

To be fair to them, they all worked really hard, and even the ones who didn't finish - because they were working on such detailed landscapes - took some paint home with them to finish them off. In fact I think pretty much everyone took some paint home so they could do some more painting, so I'd call that a great result.