About 3 years ago, my eldest child saved up his money towards getting a switch. We also took out replacement cover, which was a good move as just before Christmas the damn thing stopped working with the joycons. So we sent it off for repair, which was an absolute waste of time as it was returned still faulty. So they gave us a voucher to buy a new one; my son decided to put some of his money towards getting an OLED model instead. All good! But after setting it up, he asked to play my treasured copy of Breath of the World while his games downloaded, so of course I gave it to him. After 5 minutes of play time, it crashed, saying there was some sort of card error. We tried again a few times, but it kept throwing up this same error. Put it back in my switch and yep - same error. I'm not necessarily blaming the new switch for fucking up my game here, but the timing sucks shit, as I had just started a new game and was tweeting about how much better it is than Skyrim not one hour earlier. Did I jinx myself? No: that's not a thing. But I am very much miffed right now.